I have seen the light!

Lighting can be SO expensive!  At $30 for a lamp base, plus an additional $20 for a separate shade, this cheap girl avoids lighting at all costs.  However, our lights need a DEFINITE upgrade in this house!  Mostly cheap lamps from IKEA, a brushed nickel set as a wedding gift, and, I am sad to admit, college dorm lighting – it was time to classy this place up a bit!

I have been swooning over blue lamps and lamps with curves throughout the blog world like this….


and this one….

This last lamp is sold at Lowes for $29 + the cost of a lamp shade. Not terrible, but I knew I could find cheaper!  One Saturday while the boy (also know as Shaun) and I were on a Hobby Lobby run (oh how I love the Hobby Lobby), we stopped at a local Thrift Store.  Not only was their stuff insanely cheap, they were having a 50% off sale in a few departments, including lighting!  After a quick scan of the lighting section, I came across this nauseatingly 90’s lamp.

I am proud of how I have grown as a thrifter.  I saw past her blinding, Mr. T-esque goldness, and saw her wonderful curves! She had potential.  And at this price….

…..plus 50% off, I knew I had to have her.  Can you see the dust in her curves? It needed some serious cleaning and de-germifying before coming to life!

I found the perfect spray paint color at Lowes to turn her into the fabulous lamps I have been obsessing over. I was alone on my trip to Lowes and the checkout people looked at me like “who is this insane woman smiling so crazily over spray paint!” It was perfect:

I came home and got started right away. I couldn’t wait!  She got a hardcore tape job – no paint was getting through this. It was taped tighter than the Botoxed faces of the Real Housewives of Orange County and Beverly Hills…I don’t judge, that is good TV!

After she was taped up, I gave her a coat or two of my go-to, spray primer, Valspar.  Even in just primer white, I was IN LOVE!  She looked amazing white.  I knew her fate was to stay a nice, bright white.  My blue would have to wait for another project.  I gave her 2 coats of Rustoleum satin white paint and she was beautiful…

I topped her with a $10 clearance linen shade from the Hobby Lobby.  I picked that up the same day I bought the lamp. They are a PERFECT match! I didn’t know it was possible to have so much love for an inanimate object!!!!

Right now she lives here…

…but as we speak, I am working on a potential new home for her in our living room. We will see where she fits best but for now I just sit, and bask her in awesomeness!

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