You got served……

….well you would….. if you came over, I could serve you something on my new, pretty tray!

I have been looking for a cute white tray to help pull some of my knick-knacky items together on display!  Trays just seem to add so much control to potential decor chaos! Trays like these had me wanting my own…..

Greek key tray from Centsational Girl


And this simple but elegant decor wrangler from Katie Bower…..


(Am I the only one who finds it hilarious that she has a vase full of mints in her tray?!?! So funny!)

Trays like these are pretty easy to find, but…..have I mentioned? I’m cheap?!?  Most trays I found were $24+ and those were usually modern looking, plastic trays, rather than soft, clean line wooden trays.  White wooden trays could cost even more than that. No go – I couldn’t convince the hubs or even my own wallet that it was worth that!

I have not visited JoAnne fabrics much (even though my sister-in-law used to work there while in High School/College…..what up B?!?!) One day I went in looking for fabric ideas for a reupholster-y project (not yet started to this day) and a large letter B (which I was told they had there).   While strolling around, I came across their decor section with some cute seasonal items and other miscellaneous home items.  The word CLEARANCE always draws me in like a moth to a flame.  Checking out their random hodge-podge of clearance items, I saw this wooden “beauty with potential” smiling up at me:


The old me would have passed this puppy by, blinded by the tiles that just aren’t my style and the dark wood. But after some quick picking at the tray to see if the tiles could be taken off, I knew that this baby was worth it. And at this price……


$5.22 plus a 50% off coupon, it was fate!  (Down from $24.99 it was practically a steal!)

My initial plan was to pry the tiles out, and paint the entire thing white and be done with it. However, once I started viciously gently prying the tiles off with a flathead screwdriver, I realized that the bottom of the tray would need some work…

A few of the tiles came up nicely, but a few ripped divots down into the MDF at the bottom of the tray…hmmm…what to do?  I had some scrapbook paper that I had bought at AC Moore, but I wasn’t loving it in the tray. My boy was looking around at my plethora of decor items and said “how about the burlap you got when you got the tray?” (Have I ever mentioned how awesome he is?!?!)

I got this remnant burlap on the same JoAnne shopping trip. And look at this deal!

….plus another 40% off. Awesome! I bought this to spice up some picture frames, but for the tray it was perfect too!

The tray got a coat of primer, then two coats of satin white spray paint.  I cut the burlap to size, tacked her down with some craft glue and topped it with a clear piece of plexi-glass.  I priced some out at Lowes…$8….not terrible, but more than the tray alone.  Shaun’s dad did us a favor and got us a piece from work! FREE! Score!

I am totally biased, but she is beautiful with her natural textures and her sleek white lines!


Exactly what I wanted!  And she’s doing such a good job wrangling potential clutter as we speak!

I am linking up at Transformation Thursday!! There is some awesome stuff going on over there too…check it out!

One Comment on “You got served……”

  1. […] It had a piece of plexi-glass covering the bottom and had an orange-y tone to it.  I debated what color to paint it for my room and naturally went to white. I have an obsession with white trays. I feel the urge to buy every one I see. I have already redone a white tray over at the old blog here. […]

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