Add a little bit of chunky…

So, I realized that all of my posts have been about the goings-on in the little corner of my dining room….the dresser, the lamp, and the tray.  I might as well round off the corner of the room with my most recent, and probably last project in this space for a while.  You may have noticed in pictures that the wall above the dresser was naked and begging for some attention.

Now, this wall is probably one of my least favorite things in our house. Our dining room is really an eat-in kitchen.  When we had the house built, we chose the additional “morning room” option off of the back of the house/kitchen/dining room for some extra space.  I love this room. All of the daytime light hits the back of our house and this room is so bright and sunny and wonderful.  This wall, as you can see below, cuts off the dining room, and essentially the living room, from the light pouring in the windowed wall at the back of the house (and causes all of my pictures to be dark! Sorry!)

The wall is non-load bearing, just a divider, blocking out my sun. I would love to knock a hole in her and let that light come pouring through, but that is more mess than I am ready to deal with for the time being! So, what better way to create some artificial “light” than with some mirrors?

I love, chunky, substantial mirrors, but my wallet does not like their price! I looked around for something that I loved and was reasonably priced, but I got tired of searching.  I found these mirrors at Target for $5 a piece! $20 for 4 was awesome!

Their price was awesome, but their skinny little selves left something to be desired! I wanted substance!  I wanted them chunky!

I got $14 worth of wood moulding and got to work.  Now, my engineer-minded husband was much more scientific at this then I was…I just grabbed a square (which…for the life of me, I cannot figure out why it is called a square when it is perfectly triangular!!! Funny story – I bought him this “square” for Christmas and when I went to Lowes to buy one, I made sure to tell the nice salesman that I needed a square “you know, the thing that looks like a triangle???”)

Moving on…..I measured my angles and made my cuts.

Only one of my pieces had to be re-cut because it did not want to meet up with the other corners – sort of an outcast!  I used Liquid Nails – Small Projects, that I got at Lowes to glue the moulding to the mirrors.  Once they were set, I used white, paintable caulk to fill in all gaps at the corners and all gaps where the moulding met the original mirror.  Each spot took a few applications of caulk to be fully filled. What a mess! Not a huge fan of the mess that makes!

Once the caulk was dry, I gave the whole thing a coat of spray primer and then a quick coat of satin white spray paint so the moulding and the original mirror would blend together as one!

After the paint was dry, the rest of the process took a few weeks (this is where my boy became involved….not trying to imply anything!!!) Shaun added some picture hangers to the back of each, and was made responsible for hanging the mirrors. He’s not good at multi-tasking when he’s watching a Phillies game so it took him a few tries to finally get the job done!

If you don’t know me or can’t tell by now, measuring and planning are not my strong suits! I would just start tacking up some nails and seeing if it worked (THIS is why I am not allowed to hang anything in our house!)

I just have to show you the sort of insanity that the engineer in the family goes through just to hang some mirrors on the wall! This is all Greek to me! Makes me break out in hives just looking at it!

Yuck!  But the mirrors are finally at home on the wall and I love them!  I could have used chunkier moulding but I think it would have swallowed the mirrors up.   They aren’t quite chunky, just big boned!

I love this little nook! So proud of all that I accomplished to finish this space……

Before we leave this space, I should round it out with a source list of where everything came from…..

Lamp – Thrift Store

Shade – Hobby Lobby

White ceramic bird – he’s hiding next to the light – (really 1 of a set of salt & pepper shakers) Pier 1

Sculptural blue pear jar – HomeGoods (clearance – $10!!! WOO!)

Picture frame & starfish – Old Salt (favorite decor store at the beach!)

Pitcher – TJ Maxx

Tray – JoAnn Fabric

Mirrors – Target

Dresser – Craigslist find from NJ ($20!)

Have you redone anything boring and drab and made it fab?? (Sorry, couldn’t resist!) How about any good finds like the blue ceramic pear from HomeGoods (I love me some HomeGoods!!!) Share in the comments!!!

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