Fall “Mantel-less” Mantel!

Fall is officially here!  Despite our 85 degrees and high humidity today, cold temps are coming, the leaves are showing just a glimmer of changing colors, and sweater weather is on its way!  I have gotten a jump on our fall decor earlier this year than any other year.

Our townhouse has no fireplace, thus no mantels, HOWEVER, I have decorated two spots in our house as though they were fabulous mantels over lovely wood-burning fireplaces!

Our dining room buffet……

….and the stand below our wall-mounted TV in our living room………….

I have never been one for garlands of any sort, usually just scoffing at them! HOWEVER, this year is the year of glitter and metallics in the Bentz house!  I saw these two glittered garlands at Michael’s and HAD to have them. At $6 for the red and $10 for the beefier, orange leaf/twig/berry garland, it was love at first sight!

Typically, our decor leans toward lighter, airier colors, almost beach like, including silvers at Christmas. However, I uncharacteristically was feeling the warm tones of Fall this year!

I dressed up my white serving tray with a $1.97 wooden bowl from GoodWill (disclaimer: EVERYTHING I buy at the GoodWill is cleaned RIDICULOUSLY well with Clorox wipes!!! Ya never know where they have been!)

The metallic pumpkins were on sale at Michaels, along with the orange charger plate (all 50% off – with an extra 20% off rewards points – OH YEAH!!!)  The metallic leaves were a pre-season Hobby Lobby find – love them! You could say they inspired my glitter fest!  The little orange pumpkins were $1 at WalMart.  That little brown pumpkin was one of those $1 WalMart finds, but I sprayed him with Krylon Glitter Blast, Bronze Blaze spray paint! He was just asking to be fancy!

The other side of the buffet holds my PB knock-off mercury glass pumpkin along with a glittered Kale plant I got at the grocery store!! I love the metallics and glitter of this space!

In the living room, I love having this sight below our TV while relaxing at night with my boy!

The main attraction here…….the jewel toned hurricane vase……was a “gift” from my Nanny.  She had this for years and I always told her I was going to put my name on the bottom so some day it would be mine! She wanted me to have it now rather than later, so it’s new home is here at casa Bentz!  I think it works perfectly with my jeweled/glitter/metallic Fall decor!  It is sitting on top of a burlap covered box to give it some height!

The “trough”holding my mini-pumpkin gourds was a $1.97 GoodWill find.  I was sneaky and put some orange burlap in the bottom to save some $$ and not have to buy a ton of gourds! (You know my secret – consider yourself a confidant now!!)  The plant is a glittered cabbage from the grocery store. I squealed in happiness when I saw these and they HAD to come home with us!!!

My candle collection on the other side is held by a large candle holder on clearance from Hobby Lobby (love that place!) and two more $1.97 Goodwill finds!  I love how the green adds some additional Fall dimension to the group!

The metallic pumpkin was a cheap plastic “funkin” that was actually another “gift” from my Nan!  She had two extra orange pumpkins that she was going to get rid of so I took ’em, figuring I could use them somehow.  This metallic pumpkin’s transformation went a little somethin’ like this…….

WOWZA Orange…..then covered in white……then covered with a mixture of orange and copper metallic paint to give it some pumpkin-y dimension, without having the bright orange-y glow it started with!!!

Much better! Don’t ya think???  Thanks to my Nan for being a main contributor to our Fall decor!!!!

Well, that rounds out my Fall “mantel-less” mantels.  For both, I spent UNDER $40 total. Not bad considering how much Fall goodness is in both spaces!!

I am linking up as part of the “It’s Fall Y’All” Mantel party over at The Lettered Cottage

As of now, there are almost 400 mantels full of Fall inspiration over there! Be sure to check some of them out……or all of them!!!!!

5 Comments on “Fall “Mantel-less” Mantel!”

  1. Layla says:

    Ooh! I love it! 😀
    …now where’s that paint brush of mine….


    • Tiffany says:

      Thanks Layla! Loved your “real” mantel as well! The cylinder vase with acorns and candle on top looked awesome! I’ll have to fit that in somewhere else!!

  2. Britney says:

    Looks amazing!

  3. Barb says:

    Love everything Tiffany! You do such a great job!

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