All Sorts of Festive In the Out-of-Doors!

If you came to visit the Bentzs today, you would be welcomed by this festive fall scene!!

As I mentioned before, I have always been a little light on Fall decor inside the house!  However, since we moved into our humble little abode 2+ years ago, I always have decorated the outside for Fall.  Take a step closer and come on in!!!

In no way do I consider myself a “country” girl. Despite my borderline obsession LOVE for George Strait (King of Country) I am far from a country/nature girl.  HOWEVER, every Fall, my must have outdoor item is a hay bale!  Hayrides, hay mazes, Fall decor….the perfect fall accessory!

Mums are another must have (despite the fact that I will probably kill them within two weeks, the hubs graciously lets me spend money to get some every year!!)  I loved the warm Fall tones of these maroon and gold beauties! Hopefully they last! They got dressed up with two pots I had lying around the garage.

Pumpkins are also a MUST HAVE……this is earth shattering decor advice I am bringing you here, people! You can thank me later!  Most of my outside stuff came from a local orchard near where we live.  Visiting the orchard is definitely one of my favorite parts of Fall!  We will be going back apple picking soon!

I HAD to have this green Apple Gourd…..apples……another Fall must have!  I may or may have not run over and JOYOUSLY picked this guy up and hugged him when I saw him…..exclaiming that he HAD to come home with us!  And the big orange guy on the left, well, he’s totally mis-shapen in the back, and I felt sorry for him, but I knew his stud-ly, crooked self would work out just fine on the hay bale!

Our “stoop” is uncovered….oh how I wish we could alter the front of our town house to add an overhang…

1……. So I could leave more stuff outside to decorate (the Jack-O-Lantern lantern and the wagon in the picture before this will have to come in at the first sight of rain).

and 2…….. So I don’t get soaking wet in the rain while fumbling for my keys!! Umbrellas are too much for this hot mess to handle sometimes!

ANYWAY!!! On the door is a festive Halloween wreath that I had from last year (this is about as Halloween as our house gets! – No ghosts or goblins here!)

I had a berry wreath up for the 4th of July/summer, and typically, they hold up to the elements well (remember….no overhang for protection?)  However, that wreath met its demise when Hurricane Irene moved through and soaked the front of our house for hours and days on end.  Those berries sort of blew up all over the door. We looked like we had been shot with paint balls!

BUT, by far, my favorite outside festive item is this beauty………

I have been IN LOVE with pumpkin topiaries that I have seen on Pinterest……

Inspiring Pretty

and over at Centsational Girl….

I knew I had to make one of these!!!  Mine came in at under $20!!! Stay tuned tomorrow when I’ll be sharing the Tale of the Topiary!!!! You are on the edge of your seat aren’t you???? I can just FEEL your excitement!!!

Overall, I’m loving our welcoming, festive, Fall stoop…….

These fall link parties have been an awesome kick in the behind to get things done and get the house feeling all sorts of festive!  I’m linking up at the “It’s Fall Y’All” Outdoor Ideas Party over at Thrifty Decor Chick.  There are close to 200 awesome outdoor Fall ideas over there! I might have to start finding ideas for next year!!  Be sure to check some of them out!!!

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