Tale of the Topiary….

As lame as that title is, I promised yesterday this tale…..and I never go back on my promises! So without further ado…..the topiary!

I mentioned yesterday that I have been scouting the various pumpkin topiaries that have been floating around the blog world & Pinterest…..especially this two toned one from Centsational Girl….

I knew this would be one definite DIY for the house!  One thing I have loved is that all of the topiaries I have seen are housed in awesome urn pots (like those above).   I had been scouting for the perfect pot, but the cheap-o in me didn’t want to pay more than $10……..more than impossible!

I decided to check out the WalMart garden center for any clearance pots that would work.  Not finding anything that was structural enough or had enough detail, I decided it was time to make my own…..for cheap!

I saw these two plastic pots on clearance at Wal Mart. They were structurally detailed like I wanted, and I knew they would work perfectly together.

$5 for the big one and $3 for the smaller one…..WOO HOO!  I had big plans for these, and the fact that they didn’t match didn’t matter………..I gave them both a quick coat of primer and a few light coats of black gloss spray paint and they were good to go.

I turned the small one upside down and bolted the large one to the bottom (I didn’t paint the inside, figuring that the pumpkins would cover the hole…..so just pretend like you don’t see the orange, and know the outside is black!)

I put a total of 5 bolts through the top pot into the bottom pot to hold them seamlessly together.  The bolts were $2……total for the pot…..$10!!! Now that’s how its done!!!!

Once I was sure the bolts made the pots sturdy enough, I got to layering……

I started with a $7 fairytale pumpkin (look at those curves!), followed by a $4 flat-ish, large-ish pumpkin.  I didn’t like how harsh orange he was, so I decided to give him the same paint treatment as my plastic funkin in my indoor display…….a coat of white spray paint followed by a dry brushing of copper and gold metallic paint, mixed with clear glaze….

On top of that pumpkin I used a $3 round pumpkin.  He got a whitewash treatment (white paint mixed with water) to tone down his SUPER orange glow….I didn’t need an attention hog among the other pumpkins. It would be too much!

 And last but not least, this $1 UUBER cute white and orange gourd!  How cute is he?? The perfect topper to the topiary.   3 pumpkins wouldn’t have been enough, this little guy helps round out the bunch!

Because I was having nightmares during my waking hours about the pumpkins toppling over, I used some liquid nails between each pumpkin to give them some support.

I LOVE IT!!! (mini-happy dance ensued when I took a good look at her standing out there on the stoop, proudly in the sunlight!)

For a total of $25 I have this awesomely festive topiary greeting guests and eventual trick-or-treaters!!!


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