A Real Page Turner

Hi!!!  Just a quick stop in…….has anyone else picked up the premier issue of the new HGTV Magazine?  While waiting in the checkout line of Lowes recently, I saw there was an HGTV magazine (missed all of the news that there would even be one apparently!)


I decided to pick it up and am SUPER glad I did.   I have tried some other home decor/DIY magazines and some of them were either too wild for my decorating tastes…..not really into black, zebra print, or gold furniture…..or too craft-centered….I don’t really use doilies or knit.  HGTV magazine had tons to offer, all of which kept me interested!

Some of my favorites were the peeks inside of some HGTV stars’ homes including Vern Yip and Sarah Richardson, solutions to real life couples’ decorating squabbles from the “experts” of HGTV (including the use of too many decorative pillows – that one could have been submitted from casa Bentz), and a real-life house overhaul/update by a Nashville couple who did an awesome job on their definite fixer-upper!

One of my favorite parts of this issue was the decor ideas from bungalow houses.  I absolutely love bungalows.  They are so cute and full of character…..


How ADORABLE is that house…….(SIGH) someday!

Oh, and after reading the “Mission Makeover” segment, lets just say, our mouthwash will DEFINITELY not be staying in its ugly bottle anymore (hidden out of sight under the sink!))  Why can’t I ever come up with this simple but GENIUS stuff??

I will definitely be placing my order for a subscription, only $15….not bad right?  You can head on over to the HGTV magazine site and sign up for your free trial offer of the magazine!  Wish I knew about the free offer before, but the $3.99 +tax spent was definitely worth it!

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