Pop-Up Resolution (and project sneak peak!)

Happy FREEZING 4th day of 2012 everyone!   As I mentioned in my New Year’s Eve post, I don’t typically make New Year’s resolutions.  If something comes up during the year, then great!  2012 started without any concrete resolutions other than working out regularly (which isn’t really a resolution…..more of a demand to my internal laziness!)  However, standing in the customer service return line at Target, generated a resolution for me!


As I was waiting in line to exchange a holiday gift I gave to my niece, an older woman in front of me just turned around and started talking to me…….about the high quality karaoke machine she bought for a friend’s grandson.  “IT JUST SO HAPPENED, he received TWO karaoke machines for Christmas and wanted to keep the other…….despite this one being higher quality.”

What could I possibly say to this woman about the karaoke machines??  Maybe….”I like singing too? Only in the car, the shower, around the house. No public karaoke for me?”  Instead, I just kindly smiled and said “oh no!”  At this point, I was intently staring at the Target customer service people thinking “Please hurry and call this woman next so she stops talking to me!!!”

She continued on about how she hopes they will accept her return without a receipt.  So……..feeling like Target should be paying me for handling customer service questions…..I kindly responded that if she “paid by credit card, they could look it up in their system.”  Seriously, if accounting doesn’t work out, I have a definite future in Target customer service!!!  The color red complements brown hair nicely!

Now…..I was not in a good place this day…..grumpy, overwhelmed, and just generally irritated at the world.  At this point in her conversation and my half-hearted attempt to listen to her, she turns to me and says, “Do you know you have absolutely beautiful teeth?”  In my grumpiness and irritation, this totally caught me off guard (one of those awkward movie moments where 3 seconds feels like eternity while I’m just staring at the woman trying to comprehend what she just said).  My irritation faded and I just smiled brightly, said thank you very much, and wished her luck with the karaoke machine issue as she was called next in line.

This woman’s kind comment was just what I needed to brighten my definitely sour mood. I brightened up and finished my Target trip with smiles for strangers rather than scowls!  This lady taught me a definite lesson that day.  Although I was irritated and annoyed with her, she didn’t realize that her kind comment was just what I needed to brighten my mood.  As I thought about it more, I realized maybe she was in a bad place too….lonely and needing someone to talk to, maybe she had troubles in her life…(not that I was going to become her therapist, but sometimes just a smiling face for a few seconds can help brighten someone’s day). I should have just been nice and listened to her without being completely irritated, realizing I had nothing better to do while standing in line at Target.

My spur-of-the-moment, pop-up resolution for 2012 is……..when these situations come up, where a stranger or even an acquaintance strikes up a brief conversation, if time allows, I will do my best to not be irritated and try to give them a few minutes of kindness. Remembering that everyone has things going on in their life….trials, heartache, sadness….and sometimes only a brief act of kindness or a smile can help brighten a little part of their life.  This really shouldn’t be a resolution, but really a way for everyone to live to help make little tiny bright spots in the world!

This year I have also resolved to put a serious dent in my project to-do list around the house (after slacking off for a few months!)

First up, EXPANDING THE MASTER BEDROOM CLOSET!! I started this on my New Year’s Monday off of work and can’t WAIT to finish it up and share the final reveal with you.  This is going to be a definite “low budge” project, but one that is definitely needed for my overall sanity!

For now, here is a sad, disgraceful before shot……..

I hang my head in shame even sharing this with you….but hopefully it will keep my motivation up to get ‘er finished and ready for sharing!

Anyone else have any spur of the moment resolutions? Any major decluttering/organization projects happening in these first few days of 2012??

One Comment on “Pop-Up Resolution (and project sneak peak!)”

  1. gary yoder says:

    Tiff its not that bad,,,,its not like you have clothes from the 80s,,,

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