So Lady Like…

Is it just me or has every girl dreamed of having a fabulous closet for dressing….full of fabulous clothes/shoes/bags and topped off with a gorgeous chandelier?  Yes? No? Well for years I have dreamed of having this super girly space that I could call all mine….enter the master bedroom closet.  When our house was built, our walk-in closet came stocked with this standard “boob” light….

Not only was it SUPER ugly, it didn’t really give off great light, making the closet drab and dreary. Enter the Kristaller chandelier from the ever awesome IKEA….

It is so feminine and delicate, but not too old and stuffy…..and for only $40, it was perfect!  And it was SUPER easy to install!

The first step was to make sure the power was off to the closet/master bedroom……

= me getting nervous!!  Death by electrocution, falling from a ladder is really not how I want to be sent off to the Pearly Gates!!  I was like a MAD WOMAN running up the steps several times to make sure the power was off to the master bedroom closet.  Once I was sure it was off, I was ready to go.  HOWEVER, now that the power was off, this interior closet with no windows was DARK…….duh!  Slight roadblock, resolved with a work lamp plugged in down the hall!

After unscrewing and removing the old, ugly lamp (which was relatively easy), I installed the new mounting bracket that was supplied with the IKEA light.  This was the only real roadblock I encountered during the process.  I dropped one of the bracket screws from up on the ladder and could NOT find it in the closet…..

After trying several alternatives from the basement stash of extra screws, this blip on the radar was solved and the bracket was securely mounted.

Next came the scary part…..the electrical wiring.  I didn’t take any pictures of this process b/c I was too consumed with getting it right and not falling off the ladder!  HOWEVER, the smiling IKEA instruction guide was pretty on point with the uber easy process!

There was a black ground wire, a white “hot” wire and a fancy green/yellow additional ground wire.  I matched up the black and white wires with the wires in the ceiling….seriously, how hard is that??? Then the green/yellow wire got matched to the additional copper wire in the ceiling.  BAM! Done-zo!  I put the light bulbs in and ran back downstairs to turn on the power………imagine me yelling and singing a loud HALLELUJAH when I arrived back upstairs to find this!

Glorious, sparkling, pretty light.  HOWEVER……look how long that cord is!! Womp womp!  Luckily, IKEA realizes we don’t all have 50 foot ceilings and provided this handy “S” hook to hoist ‘er up!

Quick and simple clipping of the chain higher resulted in this glorious sight…….

Ahhhhhhhhh…….isn’t she a beauty?! Nothing but smiles coming from this girl!  Every time I walk past the closet I just stop and turn on the light, stand and smile for a few seconds, and move on!  I am officially in love!  It just screams “lady like!”












Isn’t it FABULOUS?????  I can’t wait until all of my little touches are done on the closet!


3 Comments on “So Lady Like…”

  1. Jeremy says:

    Missed the picture of you wiring the light up… Glad to see the light works! White to white, black to black!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow! I’m impressed! You made that look and sound really easy. It really helps polish off the closet.

  3. gary yoder says:

    Not bad im impressed,,,Sparky!!!

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