Low Cost Closet Expansion!

When I revealed my pop-up New Year’s resolution here, I shared this disgraceful mess with you….

…and mentioned that I was beginning a master bedroom closet expansion!!!

I already shared one piece with you, the installation of my new sparkly friend…..

Ah yes, one week later I am still stopping by the closet every time I pass to turn on the light to “ohhhh…ahhh…..” in admiration!

In the first picture above, you can see that the closet door opens in.  The closet is immediately behind the bedroom door, which opens toward the closet, creating an obstacle course just to get dressed or put clothes away.

This is just one of two doors to move to get to the shelves in the closet. It honestly made the closet feel smaller than a phone booth!

First step in my closet makeover…………REMOVE THE CLOSET DOOR!!

WOO! Doesn’t it already feel nice and spacious?? All it took was removing the pins in the hinges and lifting that puppy out of there!

Then comes the closet mess.  See all of that junk below my dresses, and the MESS of sweaters above the dresses?

That mess and junk HAD to be contained.  5 bags of clothes to donate and 1 bag for consignment later (yes, that’s 6 bags!!!), the mess was finally starting to be corralled!

The sweaters on the other hand, are another story.  When our house was built, it was blessed with standard Rubbermaid wire storage racks!  Awesome.  This is not our “forever” house, so at this point putting awesome closet storage in there, like these awesome closets……

Found here

Found here

is really unreasonable and out of the question.  A girl can dream though, right?

The problem with these wire racks is that any clothes that are folded and stacked on them end up with these awesome ribs!

Now for sweatshirts, tank tops and even jeans, these ribs go away easily with a nice shake.  However, sweaters aren’t so easy and I’m not a fan of having to iron ribs out of sweaters in the morning before work.  Temporarily, I laid a giant beach towel/blanket down on the shelf to protect my sweaters….

…but this new closet update needed something more permanent, and less insane looking!  I searched all of the major stores for some sort of closet storage solution, to no avail (hmmmm…..this might be a business opportunity for me!)  I cut a piece of ply-wood to the size of the shelf and covered (read: wrapped) it in an extra piece of linen fabric I had in my stash.

MUCH better. Now there is no chance of extra ribs in my already ribbed sweaters!

Note to self…..you wear a lot of brown (5 brown sweaters and 1 in the wash not included in this picture – spice up your wardrobe with some color!!!!)

So, let’s recap at this point…….

1.  Door removed from closet

2. Chandelier hung

3.  6 bags of clothes donated/consigned

4.  Sweaters corralled and rib-less!

I was loving the closet without a door, however, I felt it was a little naked and boring and needed some spice.  I saw this AWESOME curtain at Target and knew I had to have it!

I could have gotten fancy with its clip to hold it back, but I just used a 3M hook with removable sticky!

As you can see above, when I removed the hinges for the door, it left a nice mark in the molding.  They were natural wood color, but I painted them the same color as the trim so they would blend.  I could have filled them in with wood filler, but I figured at some point we will be moving and maybe this place’s next owners will want a closet door back, so really I’m doing them a favor!!! And it’s not too noticeable.  No need to get crazy!

Now, by this point I’m sure you have figured out that there was no real “expansion” going on in this here closet!  Not that I wouldn’t love to knock a wall down and get an even bigger closet, but let’s be reasonable! And giving away 6 bags of clothing, my clothes now fit in the closet!  Just a few little tweaks and the closet feels 10x bigger!!

I can actually move around in the closet and even dress in there!

Ahhhh, so spacious!  Clean, organized spaces can do wonders for the soul!  New Year’s resolution #2:  Keep closet neat and organized (and make the bed every day – let’s see how long that one lasts!!)


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