Just a warning….I’m going to get a bit serious in this post!!! And a bit wordy!  No decor here!

Alright, let’s continue…..

So, earlier this week during my normal blog surfing, I came across The Lettered Cottage’s Word of the Year link party.  In short, Layla teamed up with blogger/designer Ali Edwards who, yearly, selects a word for herself to represent the upcoming year and to focus on throughout the entire year.

Normally, when surprise ideas like this pop up, I typically shrug them off thinking “oh, it’s too late for me to start doing this” or “January is already half over, I should have started January 1st…too late” or “(SIGH) now I need to figure out something to work with.”

However, this time, I decided to embrace the challenge….who cares when I start….its my word and my year!


If you haven’t guessed based on the title of this post, my word for 2012 is going to be….

Let me give you some details on how I chose such a simple word!  In looking at some of the links for inspiration, some people had words that really encompassed one thought, feeling or goal.  I started thinking deep and trying to find a deep, complex word to represent what I hoped the upcoming year would be.  However, just as Ali Edwards said in her advice over at The Lettered Cottage, I realized my word was exactly that…..MY word. It didn’t have to be complex. It could be as simple as I wanted and it only had to represent MY meaning. Not what everyone else thought it should be.  So, the word “NEW” kept popping up in my head.  Simple right?

For those of you that don’t know me personally, and for those of you that do, I have always been the “good kid” doing what everyone expected and what they thought I should be doing, living my life measured up against some set plan for how this “good kid” should live and how life “should” be.  I began this “expected” life right out of high school, through college, and continuing right out of college.  I had a life plan, and it was on course.  However, I learned an important lesson at the end of 2011.  There is no such thing as a set life plan. No matter what my personal life plan is/was, God has something bigger and better in store for me, even if I didn’t think so at the time. Just because I had a plan for my life and some 5 & 10 year goals, it didn’t matter. Sometimes God’s goals for my life aren’t the same as what I had chosen. I learned this the hard way, but can only rely on my Faith that God’s plan is bigger than mine.

This realization led to my NEW plan for 2012.  At the end of 2011, I started a new job, still in accounting, that I love a  bajillion times more than the job I had before. I am actually thinking I could MAYBE enjoy a lifetime career in accounting (ACK! Still trying to stomach that realization!!!) as this was something I didn’t think was going to happen, 4 years out of college.  This new job has brought me so many new experiences in 1.5 short months and I am learning so many new things, that for once, I am excited to get up and go to work every day!  This job change was not planned, however, and not part of my immediate life plan back in 2011!

Realizing that MY plan for life wasn’t really what God had in store for me, I am still going through a bit of a shock.  I am a bit of a control freak, not liking surprises, and like knowing what is coming up because I made the plan!  My life plan, and who I have been over the past 10 or so years, has defined who I was and who I thought I would be!  Now, due to life circumstances, having no set plan, I have almost lost my identity.  I need to create a NEW life plan.  However, this plan has to be something that is molded along the way. Not something I am going to come up with today, January 18, 2012, but something that evolves throughout the year and the years to come. Letting go and letting God help with my life plan is something I need to figure out.

This year, I am going to focus on this word NEW as I figure out who I am….the NEW me with a NEW life plan. This will involve NEW experiences, NEW activities (Saturday morning Zumba rather than sleeping late), NEW people and NEW friends, NEW decor projects (including some new skills…like sewing…that were things I could not do before!), NEW challenges, some NEW changes for the blog (hopefully) and visiting NEW places.

Admittedly, thinking grand scale, realizing that I am figuring out a new me……….scares me. So, to make it easier, I have determined that each month, I am going to do something NEW…..go somewhere NEW, meet someone NEW, try something NEW, etc.  This will force me out of my comfort zone (the comfort zone created by my former life plan). As I experience these NEW things, weeding out what I do and don’t like, the NEW me will evolve and God’s NEW plan for my life will start to take shape. Focusing on these little things will allow me to step back, release control of the overall plan, and let things fall into place.

LUCKILY the year has 12 whole months (well 11 1/2 at this point) giving me plenty of time to learn as I go.  Reading back over this, it all sounds like butterflies and rainbows! However, already 18 days into the year, this isn’t as easy as it sounds!  It will be a challenge, letting go of the past, my past that I created and shaped, and figuring out a NEW future.  But life is a challenge and going through challenges makes people stronger in the long run!  I am choosing to embrace this NEW challenge, with all of its inevitable ups and downs, to be a stronger, better person in the long run! I just have to remember to take it slow. I can’t figure it all out today.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will the NEW me!

So…..I am embracing the One Word challenge for 2012.  Anyone else out there want to join me? No matter that it’s half way through January! Challenge yourself! And you don’t have to decide right away. It’s your word, on your time, let it come to you! Anyone want to share their word of the year???

Alright, enough with the serious….back to the projects at hand!! I have some projects in the works and on the list to start.  Hopefully I can get them done to share soon!

One Comment on “New….”

  1. ter@waaoms says:

    what a great word for 2012! i hope you have many great NEW experiences this year!

    I’ve written about my word of the year on my blog if you wish to read about it!

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