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How was everyone’s weekend? It is supposed to go from 30 degrees today up to 60 degrees for the rest of the week.  I can’t wait!!!

Anyway, I get a ton of “junk” email every day as I’m sure all of you do. I usually grumble about it but never bother to unsubscribe. Most of it I don’t pay attention to.

Daily I receive an email from online retailer Joss & Main.  I’m sure those of you who are familiar with the home decor blogland have heard of them. For those of you who don’t know, Joss & Main offers several collections daily to purchase home decor, accessories, furniture, kitchen items, etc.  These are typically high end items offered at major discounts.  Some stuff is still too spendy for me, but other stuff is an awesome deal!  But there are only a limited number of each item and the sales only last for 1-2 days and then it is gone.

I have been scouting their emails a little more closely the past few weeks and boy, I have had a hard time not whipping out the credit card!  Today’s email especially was chock full of fabulous items and I admit, for the 2nd time in two weeks, I made a TEENSY purchase!  But let me show you some of the other stuff that I am STILL pining away for……

The Amy Butler bedding collection has fabulous bright colors that are sure to bring spring to any dreary, drab bedroom! I absolutely fell in love with this pillow! It’s the Sari Blooms Square Pillow regularly $40, down to $26.95. I had a hard time saying no to this ruffled beauty!!

This duvet cover that is part of the Amy Butler collection is also gorgeous! I can’t decide which side of the cover is my favorite!

Today, the Maison Maison collection offered tons of chic home decor and furniture pieces. Two of my favorites are the white studded clover ottoman, reguarly $199 on sale for $88 (limited quantities left!)

and this gilded Hollister framed mirror which is SOLD OUT!! This mirror was regularly $256 on sale  for $89.95! Isn’t it pretty!?!?! I LOVE it!How about this Eco-Natural storage basket in gray…..$129.99 down to $56.95That basket would be awesome with cozy blankets or magazines in it for winter!

Joss & Main doesn’t just have accessories, occassionally there will be artwork or even wallpaper like this gorgeous, colorful wallpaper event from Amy Butler!

And a few things from this Home Essence office supply collection may or may not be ending up on my desk at work shortly!!!!Hey, for $6.95 that was too good to pass up!! And the matching pencil “cup” and business card holder may have been added as an impulse purchase!! I told you, I can’t resist!

To shop their events, you need to “join” Joss & Main, which just means signing up to receive their daily emails. There are no fees and you can choose how often you want to receive their emails!

I invite you to sign up today as my “friend”  for Joss & Main through the White Picket Bentz event here.   You can also refer your own friends once you join.  For any purchase that your friends make through each event, Joss & Main will credit your account toward your future purchases!!!  But I’m warning you…..joining may be dangerous for your financial health! But everyone deserves to treat themselves now and again dont’ they?!?

Take a look at today’s events! What are YOUR favorite items??? It is too hard for me to decide on one favorite, but that pillow is STILL calling me to come back!  Happy shopping!!!


One Comment on “Joss & Main”

  1. Ana says:

    Love every single one them!! and can’t beat the prices! I will be signing up as soon as I’m done writing this reply!

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