Warm up Winter (and big blog surprise!!!!)

I am SO excited I can barely contain myself!!  I have a special surprise here on the blog today (SO EXCITED) but first let me tell you what its about!

I took Christmas and all of its sparkly glory down two-ish weeks ago, and just stared at the blank empty spaces in the house just begging to be decorated.  Although our winter in eastern PA has been pretty mild (60 degrees today – flip flop weather!!), I am still itching for official spring.  Part of me wanted to get all of my light blue and beachy decor items out to lighten up the house for spring already in January…….but that’s just silly when we could still get 4 feet of snow in February (hope I didn’t jinx us!!!)

So, spring is still in hiding (for now)……..but until then, what could I decorate the house with to make it feel cozy and winter-y without feeling too Christmas-y or snowman-esque?? I decided to look to some of my favorites, the pro’s if you will, for inspiration!

(Here is the exciting part!) I have the honor of introducing to you two of my favorite bloggers (for those of you who are new to this whole home decor blog thing!!!)  I mean, this is like being in the presence of royalty just having these two awesome women agree to share their wisdom here on this little ‘ole blog!  Star struck….geeky…..nerdy groupie…..yes, that’s me! Consider me a big nerd!!!

And now, without further ado………the pros!!!

I first stumbled upon Anna’s blog Take the Side Street through the great home decor inspiration-space, Pinterest.  She had an awesome mercury glass tutorial that I used here to create my own faux mercury glass!  After reading her tutorial and scoping out her other awesome projects, Anna has become one of my new favorite blogs! This girl is SUPER funny and always has awesome ideas and isn’t afraid of taking risks! Make sure you check her out!  Here is how this pro decorates her house during these cold dark months between Christmas and spring! Take it away Anna!!


The only holidays I really decorate for are Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas… so by the time January rolls around, I am all decorated out. It’s like I enter decor detox after the holiday decoration overload. I like my decor to be on the sparse side during the months of January and February; Valentine’s Day is lucky to get even one or two small touches throughout the house, and that’s only because I have kiddos who ask for it. Such a mean mom, I know!

I’m a big believer in having natural touches throughout my decor, and while I may feel it’s not quite time to start pulling out bird nests and starfish, you will see weathered wood, rocks and even some moss around my house right now… oh, and this year I did leave my snowflake chandelier up (hey, it’s still winter!). Other than that I keep my decor very simple and clutter-free for a little while. Sparse. Clean. Less to dust, right?

Amen to the less dusting Anna!!!  And now……….the next celebrity I have for you is like an A list celebrity being stalked by the less than D list celebrity (….that would be me).

Anyone that has poked around Pinterest or has ever looked at a handful of home decor blogs has probably already seen this awesome lady’s work featured and raved about!  She is on practically every blogger’s blog roll and has been featured in magazines, worked with amazingly fabulous photographers and has an absolutely BEAUTIFUL home! Her creativity is absolutely “centsational!”  I would love for you to meet Kate from Centsational Girl……..


For many, it’s hard to imagine anything good about winter, but I prefer to take a positive attitude and embrace the season.  After all, without the dormancy of winter, there would be no glorious spring!.  In my world, I like to bring a little green indoors and one of the easiest ways is with small terrariums of succulents or orchids that prefer indirect sunlight.  Add a few cozy knit blankets, and some faux fur pillows, light a fire and cozy up in your favorite chair with a pet or loved one to await the fairer weather that will soon arrive!

OMG!! I am absolutely IN LOVE with those chairs in Kate’s house!  And that awesome mirror has been pinned on Pinterest countless times!!! That fireplace looks so cozy (for days that haven’t hit 60 degrees during winter!!)  What are your favorite parts?? Share!

I am more than grateful to these two ladies for taking time out of their busy lives to share some inspiration with me to share with all of you! You girls are truly awesome!!!

And now, after these two heavy hitters, I am going to share my warm winter decor…….it is nothing like what these two are capable of, but hey, this blog is me!

Cold winter days and nights, with occasional flurries (hopefully no shovel-able snow!) calls for warm textures to cozy up in while watching a movie, catching up on some Real Housewives on the DVR, and some hot chocolate or tea!

The throw above came from Pier 1 and is SUPER soft and comfy.  It has gold undertones which just makes me feel cozy and warm during the cold winter!  The branches in the back help bring in natural textures to cozy up the space! There are two new sweater pillows on the couch made by your’s truly!! They are beyond cozy to curl up on!!

The rest of the house is decorated with natural touches and some warm colors of winter.

The pillar candles are clearance items from Pier 1 and reminded me of logs or tree stumps.  I pulled out my little white bird from Pier 1 as a little glimmer of spring to come!  Everything is set on top of two books with positive titles reminding me to be thankful for all I have……all that’s good….and the many blessings I have been given!  A burlap covered box helps add some winter texture to the spot.  I made the branch in the front after being obsessed with much more expensive versions from places like Pottery Barn, Z Gallerie and West Elm.  Being a cheapo, I decided to make my own…..I can’t say its perfect, but it adds some additional natural touches. I will share the details with that project soon!

For now, the house is quiet with its decor, just warm and inviting, to ride out the cold days of winter, post Christmas!  Natural touches and cozy textures (and a blazing fireplace if you are lucky) will help keep those winter days and nights cozy until spring arrives!!!

Hope you all enjoyed the inspiration and eye-candy from the celebrity bloggers Anna and Kate!!! I can’t thank them enough for gracing us with their presence and sharing their awesome talent!!!  Make sure you regularly check out their blogs Take the Side Street & Centsational Girl. There is always awesome stuff happening over there!


2 Comments on “Warm up Winter (and big blog surprise!!!!)”

  1. anonymous says:

    I’m really, really impressed you made those pillows. The look so professional and high-end. Good job!!

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