That’s right, to the whole handful of you who actually follow this little ole blog of mine, you may have noticed I have disappeared with no new posts since February.  The reason?? I have done absolutely NO home or decor projects since my cozy sweater pillows I shared here.  None, nada……zilch.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a HUGE list of projects (and garage full of projects) that I want to work on/finish, and with the on-and-off nice weather we have been having, my spray painting/paint something/build something/update my decor mojo has been working overtime!!  However, at this point, no more projects are being completed on the Bentz house.  You are probably asking why!?!?

It’s because……I’M MOVING!!! That’s right. Due to life’s twists and turns (and blessings in disguise), I am almost the proud owner of my own little humble abode.  The deal is almost done, with one potential hiccup that I am waiting on. Fingers crossed this puppy gets finalized and my moving date gets set!!!  

Will I miss my “new construction” townhouse that I have been so proud of?  Yes. But will I be even more proud of my own little house that is ALL MINE??   HECK YES!!!!  EXCITED GIRL RIGHT HERE!!

And lucky for my “wanna spray paint something/knock holes in something/upholster something” self, this little ole 70+ year old house needs some definite cosmetic lovin!!!  It’s not too bad though. Not enough that I ran out of the house crying on first entry (that may or may not have happened at one or two other houses I looked at……).  Everything major is in awesome shape, but the decor styling of a couple who have owned the house for 38+ years is much different than what I want to live in!  I am inheriting some awesome built-ins, but also a TEENSY kitchen that has cabinets just BEGGING to be knocked out to open up for more natural light.  Can’t wait to get my sledgehammer-ing on!

I have a few projects that have been done completed around the “old house” which I still have to write-up and post, and I might as well put up an “old house” tour before I go, but new projects are going to be very few until late summer when this girl is gettin busy at the new house!

Now, because I can barely contain my decor excitement, I have whipped up a little mood board for my new, all mine, girly, wonderful bedroom.  Here is what I will be moving in to (minus the furniture)…..

There are no real good pics yet (I will be snapping away at my home inspection coming up) but the bedroom is painted a really pale, baby pink with a pink and blue stenciled border around the top.  I’m sure the stencil took a lot of hard work and arm strength to complete, but it will be painted over!   Here is what I hope this fab space will become…………

The entire board was generated based on the new bedding I am longing for in the bottom left corner.  Right now the bedroom at the “old house” has tan walls with white and light green bedding. I’m itching for some bright and sunny color, but still with some subtle-ness going on.  You may recognize the chandelier from my closet makeover here.  There is a standard 1970’s “boob” light in the center of the room which will be swapped out for this lady-like fixture which will be removed from my closet when moving.

The dresser here is from IKEA, but I have a similar one that just needs a darker coat of stain…..PROJECT! I LOVE long mirrors over dressers and right now only have a lame-0 square one.  This is from IKEA and will be a definite early purchase for the house.  I am still dreaiming of which paint color I want on the wall……this girl is finally branching out of using tans on the wall for once (SCARY!). I am leaning toward the lighter, “Misty Aqua.”  Both colors are Glidden which I will color match to Olympic no VOC paint.

Right now my teensy bed is just a bed frame. I have all the materials necessary to build an awesome upholstered headboard, but now I have changed my mind and I think I REALLY want to build a farmhouse bed like the one blog-pro Katie Bower and her hubby built.  This is a DEFINITE project and I am itching to move JUST so I can get my build on. No sense building it now and having to move it! Who am I kidding?!?! I won’t be doing much of the heavy lifting…that’s what the guys are for….HOWEVER, I am nice and will save them one more heavy thing to move!

The rest of the stuff is just coordinating accessories that I love that will help round out the space.  I found the chair over at Joss & Main and I really wish I could stop drooling over looking at  it every 10 seconds!  Although its “on cheap” at $222.95 (down from $299) I can’t justify buying that right now with all of the other new house expenditures coming up.  Housewarming gift anyone (wink wink!)?!?!?!?

I really love the plan to use dark and white wood in the room for contrast.  The bed will probably be white, and as I said above, my dresser is going dark. Not sure about my current nightstand which will be getting another definite makeover. Maybe white like the bed? Or maybe a fun coral color???? NOW THERE’S AN IDEA!!

I have spent a considerable amount of time daydreaming about the rest of the house but the master bedroom is the only space that I have mentally ready to go! Want a sneak peak of some of the other spaces??

This is the 2nd bedroom………of course it has a full corkboard wall and baby blue ceiling fan……..why wouldn’t it?!?!?!  🙂

But it has awesome built-ins, begging to be painted.  Who wants to be the first to say in this cork-filled wonderland?!?! Oh, and it has blue carpet in this room…my favorite!!!!! SIKE!

That’s all of the sneak peeks for now. Hope I didn’t jinx myself and this potential one hiccup comes around and rears its ugly head, and then this place is only a fond memory of what could have been! CROSS YOUR FINGERS PEOPLE!

OH! One more thing…..White Picket Bentz will no longer be White Picket Bentz……as soon as I can come up with a new name. Anyone have any good ideas?!?! Lots of changes coming!  Who’s excited?!?!?!