The Landing Pad

If you have been a follower of this here blog or if you have newly found me, you will notice that there haven’t been any new posts since July 11, 2012….almost 11 months!!!  That’s not because I have not been working on any projects.  I have been doing plenty, including buying a new home and starting a new job.

The lack of posts is because I have been busy working to create a new life for myself along with being stuck in a mental block of creating a new blog.

As of November 2011, White Picket Bentz is no more. With the destruction of that “white picket fence” in my life came the need to move away from this blog and create a new home on the internets where you could follow my adventures in decorating, remodeling, cooking……all things life!  Creativity comes at me in many forms…music, clothing, decorating, etc. but coming up with a new blog name and home-on-the-internet that felt “me” was harder than I thought! With lots of input from family and friends, I just couldn’t find what really felt like me… alone – not me with anyone else……just me.

I moved into my new home in July 2012.  It was built in the 1940’s and having come from a new construction townhome, this new house was quite a switch for me.  Well maintained and in pretty good shape, I worked to get myself settled.  This was easier said than done….cue lots of frustrated tears when my furnace stopped working in 20 degree weather, my dishwasher leaked under my wood kitchen floor, when my plumbing backed up into my kitchen sink and when my bathroom faucet wouldn’t shut off during the night – continually running. Those were the times where I cursed this house and thought it would never feel like home.

During some of the darkest months of my life, a dear friend told me to look at my new house not as an obligatory place to live, but as my new “sanctuary”……a place that was all mine, where I could come, be alone and away from the world, and have it be all mine.  While I was replacing my thermostat when the house was 40 degrees I laughed to myself and thought there was no way this place was my sanctuary….my safe place. This was a nightmare!

The weather has finally warmed and summer is practically here (hopefully my AC doesn’t skitz out on me like the heat!) One day recently after work, I pulled into my driveway, looked at my adorable (if I do say so myself) flowerbeds and smiled. I looked at my house and thought, I am happy to be home.  Finally this house has become my home, all mine.  When I walk in its as though I have landed on a soft cushion. Some place I can be totally me, comfortable and at peace……my house has become my landing pad.

Finally, after nearly a year and a half of struggling to find a blog name, I knew I had found it.  This will be my last post at White Picket Bentz – that is no longer me. It is the past.  My new home is now at  I will continue to share my adventures in decorating and renovating my home, furniture updates, and recipes, but I will also be sharing updates on improvements I am making to ME. It will be more a lifestyle blog rather than strictly a “shelter” blog.  It just feels more me.

The Landing Pad is not just a reference to my home. It’s a reference to my new life……one that I absolutely love and cherish and never thought would be as great as it is.  The new blog will be my “landing pad” to share whatever life throws my way!

Screen shot 2013-06-03 at 8.03.43 PM

For those of you that have followed me here during my short blogging life, I hope you will move over and join me at my new home  For those of you that have just stumbled here and found my “goodbye” letter, I hope you will stop by to see what goodness is waiting for you over at The Landing Pad.


2 Comments on “The Landing Pad”

  1. Barbara Baughman says:

    Welcome back! Missed your blog.

  2. gary yoder says:

    Congrats Tiff

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