Cozy sweater pillows

Holy hiatus!!! It has been a while since I have posted. I realized I had better get a move on posting some of my “winter” projects since spring seems to be coming quickly here in PA!

Much like everyone else in the blog world, I have been longing for a cozy sweater pillow or two for the couch during the winter. Pillows like these….

Via Pottery Barn

just make me want to curl up on the couch while it snows outside, or while catching up on my weekly DVR shows!  There are a million and 7 tutorials floating around the internet, but honestly, making these two pillows on my own….

was SUPER easy.

I told you that when I reorganized my closet here, I had 5 bags of clothes to donate and 1 for consignment.  Before these clothes were collected, I quick remembered that two of my all-time favorite sweaters, that had become too old and worn out to wear would be PERFECT for sweater pillows!!!

First I decided what sized pillows I wanted. I had a square pillow insert that I was able to use, as well as a rectangle green pillow that I hated since the day it was bought.  Once I knew my pillow sizes, I got to work on the sweaters….

I laid out my two sweaters…..

and thankfully my sized medium sweaters were both the exact width of the pillows so I only had to cut the sweaters straight across at the underarm line.  EASY!!

Now, if you follow me on Pinterest, you know I have a board called “I can’t even sew a button.”  That is 100% true. I have no idea how to sew anything. If I have to hem pants, its no sew hem tape. If I have to sew a button on, it gets passed to my mom! I don’t own a sewing machine and I told myself these pillows would be the time to figure this whole sewing thing out!  I learned to use a sewing machine in 8th grade home-ec, but there was a reason I won the wood shop award rather than the home-ec award for the entire 8th grade!

I went to Target, bought myself a tiny sewing kit and got to work.  First I turned the sweaters inside out.  Then I got to work sewing one end closed.

Now, I have no idea if what I did is actual technical sewing, but I just followed the same pattern of looping the thread around the sweater, working my way down until it was closed……..

Apparently this is some sort of sewing b/c it worked!

I turned the sweater right-side-out and the seam felt pretty secure…….pure giddy excitement here!  I actually sewed something!!! WOO!

I tried out the pillow and this sweater needed a little trimming to size…..

In went the pillow and I used the same Tiffany-sew method to close the open side of the sweater. SUCCESS!!

Prior to getting started on my pillows I was browsing through my new favorite store…….Charming Charlie’s.  Honestly, I am obsessed.  Have you ever been there???AMAZING!!  This place is an accessory mecca! It’s almost overwhelming to walk around and try to narrow down 1 or 2…….or 20 things to buy!  While I was browsing, I came across this headband that had adorable flowers attached…………

I thought they would look perfect to make my sweater pillows a little more girly and fun!  I took the flowers off the headband and sewed the white and tan flower onto the pillow…….

the third white flower was an earring with the post cut off the back, sewed on.

I also bought that burlap/feather flower clip to add to the bigger pillow! ADORBS!!!!!

I love them. They are super cozy to curl up on the couch with!

Total cost for two brand new pillows??? $10!!!   For the totally unnecessary but awesome flowers and my little sewing kit from Target!! This was an awesome, cheap update to my winter decor!!


Warm up Winter (and big blog surprise!!!!)

I am SO excited I can barely contain myself!!  I have a special surprise here on the blog today (SO EXCITED) but first let me tell you what its about!

I took Christmas and all of its sparkly glory down two-ish weeks ago, and just stared at the blank empty spaces in the house just begging to be decorated.  Although our winter in eastern PA has been pretty mild (60 degrees today – flip flop weather!!), I am still itching for official spring.  Part of me wanted to get all of my light blue and beachy decor items out to lighten up the house for spring already in January…….but that’s just silly when we could still get 4 feet of snow in February (hope I didn’t jinx us!!!)

So, spring is still in hiding (for now)……..but until then, what could I decorate the house with to make it feel cozy and winter-y without feeling too Christmas-y or snowman-esque?? I decided to look to some of my favorites, the pro’s if you will, for inspiration!

(Here is the exciting part!) I have the honor of introducing to you two of my favorite bloggers (for those of you who are new to this whole home decor blog thing!!!)  I mean, this is like being in the presence of royalty just having these two awesome women agree to share their wisdom here on this little ‘ole blog!  Star struck….geeky…..nerdy groupie…..yes, that’s me! Consider me a big nerd!!!

And now, without further ado………the pros!!!

I first stumbled upon Anna’s blog Take the Side Street through the great home decor inspiration-space, Pinterest.  She had an awesome mercury glass tutorial that I used here to create my own faux mercury glass!  After reading her tutorial and scoping out her other awesome projects, Anna has become one of my new favorite blogs! This girl is SUPER funny and always has awesome ideas and isn’t afraid of taking risks! Make sure you check her out!  Here is how this pro decorates her house during these cold dark months between Christmas and spring! Take it away Anna!!


The only holidays I really decorate for are Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas… so by the time January rolls around, I am all decorated out. It’s like I enter decor detox after the holiday decoration overload. I like my decor to be on the sparse side during the months of January and February; Valentine’s Day is lucky to get even one or two small touches throughout the house, and that’s only because I have kiddos who ask for it. Such a mean mom, I know!

I’m a big believer in having natural touches throughout my decor, and while I may feel it’s not quite time to start pulling out bird nests and starfish, you will see weathered wood, rocks and even some moss around my house right now… oh, and this year I did leave my snowflake chandelier up (hey, it’s still winter!). Other than that I keep my decor very simple and clutter-free for a little while. Sparse. Clean. Less to dust, right?

Amen to the less dusting Anna!!!  And now……….the next celebrity I have for you is like an A list celebrity being stalked by the less than D list celebrity (….that would be me).

Anyone that has poked around Pinterest or has ever looked at a handful of home decor blogs has probably already seen this awesome lady’s work featured and raved about!  She is on practically every blogger’s blog roll and has been featured in magazines, worked with amazingly fabulous photographers and has an absolutely BEAUTIFUL home! Her creativity is absolutely “centsational!”  I would love for you to meet Kate from Centsational Girl……..


For many, it’s hard to imagine anything good about winter, but I prefer to take a positive attitude and embrace the season.  After all, without the dormancy of winter, there would be no glorious spring!.  In my world, I like to bring a little green indoors and one of the easiest ways is with small terrariums of succulents or orchids that prefer indirect sunlight.  Add a few cozy knit blankets, and some faux fur pillows, light a fire and cozy up in your favorite chair with a pet or loved one to await the fairer weather that will soon arrive!

OMG!! I am absolutely IN LOVE with those chairs in Kate’s house!  And that awesome mirror has been pinned on Pinterest countless times!!! That fireplace looks so cozy (for days that haven’t hit 60 degrees during winter!!)  What are your favorite parts?? Share!

I am more than grateful to these two ladies for taking time out of their busy lives to share some inspiration with me to share with all of you! You girls are truly awesome!!!

And now, after these two heavy hitters, I am going to share my warm winter decor…….it is nothing like what these two are capable of, but hey, this blog is me!

Cold winter days and nights, with occasional flurries (hopefully no shovel-able snow!) calls for warm textures to cozy up in while watching a movie, catching up on some Real Housewives on the DVR, and some hot chocolate or tea!

The throw above came from Pier 1 and is SUPER soft and comfy.  It has gold undertones which just makes me feel cozy and warm during the cold winter!  The branches in the back help bring in natural textures to cozy up the space! There are two new sweater pillows on the couch made by your’s truly!! They are beyond cozy to curl up on!!

The rest of the house is decorated with natural touches and some warm colors of winter.

The pillar candles are clearance items from Pier 1 and reminded me of logs or tree stumps.  I pulled out my little white bird from Pier 1 as a little glimmer of spring to come!  Everything is set on top of two books with positive titles reminding me to be thankful for all I have……all that’s good….and the many blessings I have been given!  A burlap covered box helps add some winter texture to the spot.  I made the branch in the front after being obsessed with much more expensive versions from places like Pottery Barn, Z Gallerie and West Elm.  Being a cheapo, I decided to make my own…..I can’t say its perfect, but it adds some additional natural touches. I will share the details with that project soon!

For now, the house is quiet with its decor, just warm and inviting, to ride out the cold days of winter, post Christmas!  Natural touches and cozy textures (and a blazing fireplace if you are lucky) will help keep those winter days and nights cozy until spring arrives!!!

Hope you all enjoyed the inspiration and eye-candy from the celebrity bloggers Anna and Kate!!! I can’t thank them enough for gracing us with their presence and sharing their awesome talent!!!  Make sure you regularly check out their blogs Take the Side Street & Centsational Girl. There is always awesome stuff happening over there!

Joss & Main

How was everyone’s weekend? It is supposed to go from 30 degrees today up to 60 degrees for the rest of the week.  I can’t wait!!!

Anyway, I get a ton of “junk” email every day as I’m sure all of you do. I usually grumble about it but never bother to unsubscribe. Most of it I don’t pay attention to.

Daily I receive an email from online retailer Joss & Main.  I’m sure those of you who are familiar with the home decor blogland have heard of them. For those of you who don’t know, Joss & Main offers several collections daily to purchase home decor, accessories, furniture, kitchen items, etc.  These are typically high end items offered at major discounts.  Some stuff is still too spendy for me, but other stuff is an awesome deal!  But there are only a limited number of each item and the sales only last for 1-2 days and then it is gone.

I have been scouting their emails a little more closely the past few weeks and boy, I have had a hard time not whipping out the credit card!  Today’s email especially was chock full of fabulous items and I admit, for the 2nd time in two weeks, I made a TEENSY purchase!  But let me show you some of the other stuff that I am STILL pining away for……

The Amy Butler bedding collection has fabulous bright colors that are sure to bring spring to any dreary, drab bedroom! I absolutely fell in love with this pillow! It’s the Sari Blooms Square Pillow regularly $40, down to $26.95. I had a hard time saying no to this ruffled beauty!!

This duvet cover that is part of the Amy Butler collection is also gorgeous! I can’t decide which side of the cover is my favorite!

Today, the Maison Maison collection offered tons of chic home decor and furniture pieces. Two of my favorites are the white studded clover ottoman, reguarly $199 on sale for $88 (limited quantities left!)

and this gilded Hollister framed mirror which is SOLD OUT!! This mirror was regularly $256 on sale  for $89.95! Isn’t it pretty!?!?! I LOVE it!How about this Eco-Natural storage basket in gray…..$129.99 down to $56.95That basket would be awesome with cozy blankets or magazines in it for winter!

Joss & Main doesn’t just have accessories, occassionally there will be artwork or even wallpaper like this gorgeous, colorful wallpaper event from Amy Butler!

And a few things from this Home Essence office supply collection may or may not be ending up on my desk at work shortly!!!!Hey, for $6.95 that was too good to pass up!! And the matching pencil “cup” and business card holder may have been added as an impulse purchase!! I told you, I can’t resist!

To shop their events, you need to “join” Joss & Main, which just means signing up to receive their daily emails. There are no fees and you can choose how often you want to receive their emails!

I invite you to sign up today as my “friend”  for Joss & Main through the White Picket Bentz event here.   You can also refer your own friends once you join.  For any purchase that your friends make through each event, Joss & Main will credit your account toward your future purchases!!!  But I’m warning you…..joining may be dangerous for your financial health! But everyone deserves to treat themselves now and again dont’ they?!?

Take a look at today’s events! What are YOUR favorite items??? It is too hard for me to decide on one favorite, but that pillow is STILL calling me to come back!  Happy shopping!!!

Tale of the Topiary….

As lame as that title is, I promised yesterday this tale…..and I never go back on my promises! So without further ado…..the topiary!

I mentioned yesterday that I have been scouting the various pumpkin topiaries that have been floating around the blog world & Pinterest…..especially this two toned one from Centsational Girl….

I knew this would be one definite DIY for the house!  One thing I have loved is that all of the topiaries I have seen are housed in awesome urn pots (like those above).   I had been scouting for the perfect pot, but the cheap-o in me didn’t want to pay more than $10……..more than impossible!

I decided to check out the WalMart garden center for any clearance pots that would work.  Not finding anything that was structural enough or had enough detail, I decided it was time to make my own…..for cheap!

I saw these two plastic pots on clearance at Wal Mart. They were structurally detailed like I wanted, and I knew they would work perfectly together.

$5 for the big one and $3 for the smaller one…..WOO HOO!  I had big plans for these, and the fact that they didn’t match didn’t matter………..I gave them both a quick coat of primer and a few light coats of black gloss spray paint and they were good to go.

I turned the small one upside down and bolted the large one to the bottom (I didn’t paint the inside, figuring that the pumpkins would cover the hole… just pretend like you don’t see the orange, and know the outside is black!)

I put a total of 5 bolts through the top pot into the bottom pot to hold them seamlessly together.  The bolts were $2……total for the pot…..$10!!! Now that’s how its done!!!!

Once I was sure the bolts made the pots sturdy enough, I got to layering……

I started with a $7 fairytale pumpkin (look at those curves!), followed by a $4 flat-ish, large-ish pumpkin.  I didn’t like how harsh orange he was, so I decided to give him the same paint treatment as my plastic funkin in my indoor display…….a coat of white spray paint followed by a dry brushing of copper and gold metallic paint, mixed with clear glaze….

On top of that pumpkin I used a $3 round pumpkin.  He got a whitewash treatment (white paint mixed with water) to tone down his SUPER orange glow….I didn’t need an attention hog among the other pumpkins. It would be too much!

 And last but not least, this $1 UUBER cute white and orange gourd!  How cute is he?? The perfect topper to the topiary.   3 pumpkins wouldn’t have been enough, this little guy helps round out the bunch!

Because I was having nightmares during my waking hours about the pumpkins toppling over, I used some liquid nails between each pumpkin to give them some support.

I LOVE IT!!! (mini-happy dance ensued when I took a good look at her standing out there on the stoop, proudly in the sunlight!)

For a total of $25 I have this awesomely festive topiary greeting guests and eventual trick-or-treaters!!!

All Sorts of Festive In the Out-of-Doors!

If you came to visit the Bentzs today, you would be welcomed by this festive fall scene!!

As I mentioned before, I have always been a little light on Fall decor inside the house!  However, since we moved into our humble little abode 2+ years ago, I always have decorated the outside for Fall.  Take a step closer and come on in!!!

In no way do I consider myself a “country” girl. Despite my borderline obsession LOVE for George Strait (King of Country) I am far from a country/nature girl.  HOWEVER, every Fall, my must have outdoor item is a hay bale!  Hayrides, hay mazes, Fall decor….the perfect fall accessory!

Mums are another must have (despite the fact that I will probably kill them within two weeks, the hubs graciously lets me spend money to get some every year!!)  I loved the warm Fall tones of these maroon and gold beauties! Hopefully they last! They got dressed up with two pots I had lying around the garage.

Pumpkins are also a MUST HAVE……this is earth shattering decor advice I am bringing you here, people! You can thank me later!  Most of my outside stuff came from a local orchard near where we live.  Visiting the orchard is definitely one of my favorite parts of Fall!  We will be going back apple picking soon!

I HAD to have this green Apple Gourd…..apples……another Fall must have!  I may or may have not run over and JOYOUSLY picked this guy up and hugged him when I saw him…..exclaiming that he HAD to come home with us!  And the big orange guy on the left, well, he’s totally mis-shapen in the back, and I felt sorry for him, but I knew his stud-ly, crooked self would work out just fine on the hay bale!

Our “stoop” is uncovered….oh how I wish we could alter the front of our town house to add an overhang…

1……. So I could leave more stuff outside to decorate (the Jack-O-Lantern lantern and the wagon in the picture before this will have to come in at the first sight of rain).

and 2…….. So I don’t get soaking wet in the rain while fumbling for my keys!! Umbrellas are too much for this hot mess to handle sometimes!

ANYWAY!!! On the door is a festive Halloween wreath that I had from last year (this is about as Halloween as our house gets! – No ghosts or goblins here!)

I had a berry wreath up for the 4th of July/summer, and typically, they hold up to the elements well (remember….no overhang for protection?)  However, that wreath met its demise when Hurricane Irene moved through and soaked the front of our house for hours and days on end.  Those berries sort of blew up all over the door. We looked like we had been shot with paint balls!

BUT, by far, my favorite outside festive item is this beauty………

I have been IN LOVE with pumpkin topiaries that I have seen on Pinterest……

Inspiring Pretty

and over at Centsational Girl….

I knew I had to make one of these!!!  Mine came in at under $20!!! Stay tuned tomorrow when I’ll be sharing the Tale of the Topiary!!!! You are on the edge of your seat aren’t you???? I can just FEEL your excitement!!!

Overall, I’m loving our welcoming, festive, Fall stoop…….

These fall link parties have been an awesome kick in the behind to get things done and get the house feeling all sorts of festive!  I’m linking up at the “It’s Fall Y’All” Outdoor Ideas Party over at Thrifty Decor Chick.  There are close to 200 awesome outdoor Fall ideas over there! I might have to start finding ideas for next year!!  Be sure to check some of them out!!!

Fall “Mantel-less” Mantel!

Fall is officially here!  Despite our 85 degrees and high humidity today, cold temps are coming, the leaves are showing just a glimmer of changing colors, and sweater weather is on its way!  I have gotten a jump on our fall decor earlier this year than any other year.

Our townhouse has no fireplace, thus no mantels, HOWEVER, I have decorated two spots in our house as though they were fabulous mantels over lovely wood-burning fireplaces!

Our dining room buffet……

….and the stand below our wall-mounted TV in our living room………….

I have never been one for garlands of any sort, usually just scoffing at them! HOWEVER, this year is the year of glitter and metallics in the Bentz house!  I saw these two glittered garlands at Michael’s and HAD to have them. At $6 for the red and $10 for the beefier, orange leaf/twig/berry garland, it was love at first sight!

Typically, our decor leans toward lighter, airier colors, almost beach like, including silvers at Christmas. However, I uncharacteristically was feeling the warm tones of Fall this year!

I dressed up my white serving tray with a $1.97 wooden bowl from GoodWill (disclaimer: EVERYTHING I buy at the GoodWill is cleaned RIDICULOUSLY well with Clorox wipes!!! Ya never know where they have been!)

The metallic pumpkins were on sale at Michaels, along with the orange charger plate (all 50% off – with an extra 20% off rewards points – OH YEAH!!!)  The metallic leaves were a pre-season Hobby Lobby find – love them! You could say they inspired my glitter fest!  The little orange pumpkins were $1 at WalMart.  That little brown pumpkin was one of those $1 WalMart finds, but I sprayed him with Krylon Glitter Blast, Bronze Blaze spray paint! He was just asking to be fancy!

The other side of the buffet holds my PB knock-off mercury glass pumpkin along with a glittered Kale plant I got at the grocery store!! I love the metallics and glitter of this space!

In the living room, I love having this sight below our TV while relaxing at night with my boy!

The main attraction here…….the jewel toned hurricane vase……was a “gift” from my Nanny.  She had this for years and I always told her I was going to put my name on the bottom so some day it would be mine! She wanted me to have it now rather than later, so it’s new home is here at casa Bentz!  I think it works perfectly with my jeweled/glitter/metallic Fall decor!  It is sitting on top of a burlap covered box to give it some height!

The “trough”holding my mini-pumpkin gourds was a $1.97 GoodWill find.  I was sneaky and put some orange burlap in the bottom to save some $$ and not have to buy a ton of gourds! (You know my secret – consider yourself a confidant now!!)  The plant is a glittered cabbage from the grocery store. I squealed in happiness when I saw these and they HAD to come home with us!!!

My candle collection on the other side is held by a large candle holder on clearance from Hobby Lobby (love that place!) and two more $1.97 Goodwill finds!  I love how the green adds some additional Fall dimension to the group!

The metallic pumpkin was a cheap plastic “funkin” that was actually another “gift” from my Nan!  She had two extra orange pumpkins that she was going to get rid of so I took ’em, figuring I could use them somehow.  This metallic pumpkin’s transformation went a little somethin’ like this…….

WOWZA Orange…..then covered in white……then covered with a mixture of orange and copper metallic paint to give it some pumpkin-y dimension, without having the bright orange-y glow it started with!!!

Much better! Don’t ya think???  Thanks to my Nan for being a main contributor to our Fall decor!!!!

Well, that rounds out my Fall “mantel-less” mantels.  For both, I spent UNDER $40 total. Not bad considering how much Fall goodness is in both spaces!!

I am linking up as part of the “It’s Fall Y’All” Mantel party over at The Lettered Cottage

As of now, there are almost 400 mantels full of Fall inspiration over there! Be sure to check some of them out……or all of them!!!!!

Mercury Glass? Faux Sho! (tutorial)

Hello Hello!!! Thanks so much for stopping by!  If you are coming from Pinterest, I hope you find this tutorial helpful and are able to make some amazing Mercury glass of your own!  As of June 2013, this blog will no longer have new posts.  I have stopped blogging here at White Picket Bentz and am now at The Landing Pad.  This blog will remain up and active for the old posts, but I have also put this same tutorial over there as well, so feel free to hop on over to the new blog and take a look around!!!

I LOVE me some mercury glass! There are so many awesome options out there……

 Pendant Lamps (Pottery Barn)

Candle holders (Pottery Barn)

….and you may remember my mercury glass pumpkins that were tragically sold out just a short time ago……..(side note – the small and large are back, but if you keep reading….I don’t need them!)

While lamenting that I wouldn’t have the chance to purchase one of those big beauties (for $39 at PB) I remembered that I had saved a mercury glass tutorial on Pinterest……I had seen DIY’d pendant lamps (like the one above) and tons of hurricane vases.  I had these saved for a “some day” project when I needed something new, but then I remembered this guy……

A clear pumpkin candy dish I was given as a hand-me-down from my mom when I had zero fall decor! I had used it for Halloween candy in the past, but this girl’s hips (and the hubs) sure don’t need to have that tempting goodness junk around the house!   I was PUMPED to get started (insert 1st giddy, dance-around-the-house of this post here….let’s keep count!)

As I learned in my faux-mercury glass research, the key “ingredient” to knocking-off these fabulous decor pieces was the Krylon Looking Glass spray paint…

After driving all over creation, we learned that this is not sold at Lowes, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Sherwin Williams or ACE Hardware.  According to my research it is sold at Hobby Lobby (closed on Sunday – not going to help my Sunday afternoon search), Michaels, and JoAnn Fabric.  Shaun and I ventured to Michaels and searched the spray paint section… luck.  We headed to JoAnn’s…….again, nothing.  I did some quick research on my phone and saw that Michaels has it, but you have to look in the glass paint aisle.

Back to Michaels we went. You can imagine the ecstatic-ness when we found it in the glass paint aisle.  There was even a mini-happy dance in the aisles at Michael’s.  I had to keep it under wraps though, we were out in public and Shaun gets embarrassed by me!  The paint was $12.99 (sort of pricey) but with a 40% off coupon, $8 mercury glass was within my reach!!!!

(Now, on to the action part of this segment!) If you are going to make your own, I HIGHLY suggest practicing on some junk glass that you are okay to mess up. GoodWill is a good spot to hit up for some cheap vases/candle holders/cups, etc.  We had a bunch of leftover vases from our wedding so I got to work… first two attempts were nothing to be proud of……read – total failure.

I had to get my technique right before I moved on to try #3….and thankfully that was a success.

For those of you who want to make your own mercury glass…..this tutorial will help you make awesome mercury glass on your own…and for cheap!


  • Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint
  • Glass vase, candle cup, etc.
  • Spray bottle with 1/2 water, 1/2 vinegar
  • Paper towels
How to

1.  It’s best to lay your piece on its side, if possible.  You will be spraying the INSIDE of the glass.  The paint is sprayed on the side opposite of the mirror finish.

2.  Spray the Looking Glass paint in short, light bursts, holding the can approximately 6-8 inches away from the opening of the glass.  After each spray, turn the glass a quarter turn.  The Looking Glass paint can be runny, so the key to successful coverage is the light, short bursts.  If your paint “puddles” on the glass, you can try to wipe it up a bit but it won’t cover evenly.

3.  The paint will appear a dull gray at first, but in just a few short seconds, the wonderful mirror-magic will appear right before your eyes! (insert happy dance-around-the-garage #2 here)

4.  Allow your paint to dry for only about 60 seconds.

5.  Lightly spray the inside of the glass with the vinegar/water mixture so it beads lightly on the paint.  The vinegar is acidic enough to begin to eat away at the paint on the glass.

6.  Let the beads “set” for a minute and tightly wrap your pointer finger with a sheet of paper towel.  Soak the paper towel with the vinegar/water mixture.

7.  Begin to “push” on the beads of water with the paper towel to “break” the paint…..

Its easier to watch your work through the outside as you go, so you can see the “pattern” you are making in the paint.  Be careful to keep the paper towel tight around your finger, or else you will wipe away the paint on the side opposite of where you are working.

When “pushing” the paint, push firm enough to move the paint, but do not wipe the paint away. The key is to just move the paint around – creating a crackle effect, rather than wiping it off.

Once they were dry, I sprayed the inside of mine with a clear sealer from Krylon to protect the paint in the future.  You could also use a brown glaze on the inside to give your glass a nice warm tone. I preferred the “original” look.

Obviously, due to the serious flammable, toxic nature of the paint/sealer, no food items can go in these glasses!

Once I got a few successful pieces done……LOVE THEM!!! Happy dance #3!!!!!

….I moved on to my little pumpkin……

Insert HUGE happy dance here!!! I love it!!! So much better than paying $39+tax+shipping from good ole PB for one pumpkin!

If you don’t have one of these pumpkin candy dishes already, you can find them just about anywhere this time of year from grocery store seasonal aisles, to Target, WalMart, craft stores, etc.  I think you can get them for under $5!

Total cost for mercury glass pumpkin, hurricane, and 2 tea-light holders:

Roughly $8! That is some definite bang for your buck!

Here she is, all staged and ready to go for Fall along with some other metallic pumpkins and leaves!!

Fall has officially arrived here at the Bentz house! What do you think??

Hope you can use this tutorial and make some awesome mercury glass for yourself!