Cozy sweater pillows

Holy hiatus!!! It has been a while since I have posted. I realized I had better get a move on posting some of my “winter” projects since spring seems to be coming quickly here in PA!

Much like everyone else in the blog world, I have been longing for a cozy sweater pillow or two for the couch during the winter. Pillows like these….

Via Pottery Barn

just make me want to curl up on the couch while it snows outside, or while catching up on my weekly DVR shows!  There are a million and 7 tutorials floating around the internet, but honestly, making these two pillows on my own….

was SUPER easy.

I told you that when I reorganized my closet here, I had 5 bags of clothes to donate and 1 for consignment.  Before these clothes were collected, I quick remembered that two of my all-time favorite sweaters, that had become too old and worn out to wear would be PERFECT for sweater pillows!!!

First I decided what sized pillows I wanted. I had a square pillow insert that I was able to use, as well as a rectangle green pillow that I hated since the day it was bought.  Once I knew my pillow sizes, I got to work on the sweaters….

I laid out my two sweaters…..

and thankfully my sized medium sweaters were both the exact width of the pillows so I only had to cut the sweaters straight across at the underarm line.  EASY!!

Now, if you follow me on Pinterest, you know I have a board called “I can’t even sew a button.”  That is 100% true. I have no idea how to sew anything. If I have to hem pants, its no sew hem tape. If I have to sew a button on, it gets passed to my mom! I don’t own a sewing machine and I told myself these pillows would be the time to figure this whole sewing thing out!  I learned to use a sewing machine in 8th grade home-ec, but there was a reason I won the wood shop award rather than the home-ec award for the entire 8th grade!

I went to Target, bought myself a tiny sewing kit and got to work.  First I turned the sweaters inside out.  Then I got to work sewing one end closed.

Now, I have no idea if what I did is actual technical sewing, but I just followed the same pattern of looping the thread around the sweater, working my way down until it was closed……..

Apparently this is some sort of sewing b/c it worked!

I turned the sweater right-side-out and the seam felt pretty secure…….pure giddy excitement here!  I actually sewed something!!! WOO!

I tried out the pillow and this sweater needed a little trimming to size…..

In went the pillow and I used the same Tiffany-sew method to close the open side of the sweater. SUCCESS!!

Prior to getting started on my pillows I was browsing through my new favorite store…….Charming Charlie’s.  Honestly, I am obsessed.  Have you ever been there???AMAZING!!  This place is an accessory mecca! It’s almost overwhelming to walk around and try to narrow down 1 or 2…….or 20 things to buy!  While I was browsing, I came across this headband that had adorable flowers attached…………

I thought they would look perfect to make my sweater pillows a little more girly and fun!  I took the flowers off the headband and sewed the white and tan flower onto the pillow…….

the third white flower was an earring with the post cut off the back, sewed on.

I also bought that burlap/feather flower clip to add to the bigger pillow! ADORBS!!!!!

I love them. They are super cozy to curl up on the couch with!

Total cost for two brand new pillows??? $10!!!   For the totally unnecessary but awesome flowers and my little sewing kit from Target!! This was an awesome, cheap update to my winter decor!!