Help!! Wood or no wood??

So, I am officially moving into the new house on Saturday (meaning there will be an entirely new blog to chronicle the updates/decorating adventures to be had….the new blog name is the hold up!) 

I have been working on getting the house ready to move in, including new paint (not being done by me – WOO HOO!), cleaning away 38 years of old owner-ness, and getting ready for new carpets in the bedrooms.  I pulled up the old carpet and there were hardwood floors under both bedroom rugs.  Immediately I placed an order with Home Depot for new carpet….but a serious snafu (= them charging my account 3 times for the carpet) resulted in me cancelling my order.  While working with Lowes to get my measurement done and waiting for them to call back, the bedroom got painted.

It went from this GORGEOUS baby pink with stencil border….

To this……

A calming, light blue that is totally out of my normal character for paint colors!  This iPhone pic was texted to me by my uncle who is painting to see if I was sure I liked the color (which he does not) before he finished…..

A.  I LOVE THE COLOR!!! Makes me even more excited to get into the house!

B.  Now I love the hardwood floors with the wall color! ACK!!

I have had hardwood floors in my kitchen/dining room, and have them again here at the new house. However, I have never had them in the “cozy” spaces (living room, bedroom, etc). So many people have told me to get carpet in the bedroom because it helps keep the house warm in the winter, cuts down on noise, etc. However, I aboslutely LOVE the look of the floors!!  I don’t want my toes to be cold all winter, but seriously, now I’m already envisioning AMAZING area rugs in both “sectors” of the bedroom!

I will let you in on a little secret/project spoiler….I pulled the carpet up in the spare bedroom too and the floors were in even better shape. To save some moolah, I was going to carpet the main bedroom and refinish the hardwoods in the spare bedroom myself. I am still going to do that, but I think the master bedroom will be too big of an undertaking. I move in in 3 days and I will not be as speedy as a professional in finishing these floors.  Also, some of the boards need to be replaced in the master and those pesky carpet tack strips around the room need to be dealt with. 

Before I finalize my carpet order with Lowes, I am having a floor refinisher….finisher….I don’t know, either one…… come out tomorrow to give me an estimate.  Fingers crossed it’s cheaper than my carpet option.  But I’m still nervous to pull the trigger and say YES to hardwood floors in the bedroom.   Here’s another angle……(sorry for the bad iPhone pic)

Anyone have any thoughts? Hardwoods or carpet in the bedroom??!?! What do you have and love? What to do????? Maybe this Home Depot hiccup and the pokiness of Lowes in finalizing my order was meant to be and I was meant to have hardwoods in the bedroom…hmmmm….